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9 Ways to Deal With Robocalls

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1. Only share your number when necessary

Sharing your phone number when signing up for a service or account is not always mandatory. Companies will often explicitly state that they will not share your number with third parties, but this is not always the case. Even if a company doesn’t share your information with a third party, they can still call you directly.

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2. Ask companies not to call you

If a company you do business with has your number, they may be legally allowed to call you for marketing reasons. In these cases, contact the company directly and ask them not to call you with matters unrelated to your account.

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3. Hang up immediately

While you might be tempted to tell off whatever service is calling you at dinnertime, robocalls cannot be reasoned with. Further, new scams have emerged that record their target’s voice. The scams use robocalls to ask “can you hear me?” and then record the victims’ responses. Recordings of “yes” answers are used to book services. Scammers will then demand payment, threatening legal action. If you pick up the phone and discover an unwanted or unknown caller, you should hang up immediately.