25 Best TV Shows Getting Rebooted

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Source: Courtesy of Cinemax

14. Strike Back
> Original run: (2010-2015)
> IMDb rating: 7.9/10
> Revival status: In production at Cinemax and Sky

In the new season of “Strike Back,” the Section is rebanded in order to track down a terrorist after he breaks out of prison. It will be the fifth season to air on Cinemax.

Source: Courtesy of NBC

13. Amazing Stories
> Original run: (1985-1987)
> IMDb rating: 7.5/10
> Revival status: In development at NBC

Originally developed by Steven Spielberg, the anthology-style series “Amazing Stories” is returning to television, this time helmed by writer and producer Bryan Fuller. Like the original, the reboot is set to have a rotating cast of talent, including Patton Oswalt and Kumail Nanjiani.

Source: Courtesy of PBS

12. Tales of the City
> Original run: (1993-1994)
> IMDb rating: 8.8/10
> Revival status: In development at Netflix

A 10-episode revival of the 1990s miniseries will continue to tell LGBT-themed stories in San Francisco, with several members of the original cast returning.

Source: Courtesy of Cartoon Network

11. Young Justice
> Original run: (2010-2013)
> IMDb rating: 8.7/10
> Revival status: In production at Warner Bros. Animation

Three years after it was canceled by Cartoon Network, “Young Justice” will return for a third season, airing on an upcoming DC-branded streaming service.

Source: Courtesy of ABC

10. Bewitched
> Original run: (1964-1972)
> IMDb rating: 7.6/10
> Revival status: In development at NBC

A sequel series to the original 1960s show will focus on the granddaughters of the original protagonists.