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Weirdest Job in Every State

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Most people need to work for a living, but that doesn’t mean they have to take conventional jobs.

The United States economy has a highly diverse set of industries and niche interests. And where there are unusual needs, unusual job openings are available requesting specific skills that only a tiny fraction of Americans possess.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed job listing sites, online databases, and occupation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify the weirdest job or job opening in every state.

In a few states, the strangest job titles are not surprising, but they are extremely rare and concentrated in the state as a result of the presence of a specific industry. For example, Kentucky has a high demand for mine shuttle car operators thanks to its large coal mining industry. In Nevada, due in large part to the casinos in Las Vegas, gaming service workers are 42 times more common than they are across the United States workforce as a whole.

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Some of the other jobs on this list only have become unusual in recent history. For example, before the age of automation and outsourcing, telephone operators were much more common in the United States; today, they are quite rare, but a relatively high concentration of them exists in a few states.

In most cases, the typical American will likely have never heard of these jobs, and will be shocked that they exist. Titles like duck master, gum buster, and face feeler seem made up, but they are very much real. For those looking to eschew a traditional career, there might be openings for unconventional work in your state right now.

1. Alabama
> Weirdest job: Bounty hunter


2. Alaska
> Weirdest job: Commercial diver

3. Arizona
> Weirdest job: Bingo manager

4. Arkansas
> Weirdest job: Log grader


5. California
> Weirdest job: Dog surfing instructor

6. Colorado
> Weirdest job: ​Hangover helpers party cleaner


7. Connecticut
> Weirdest job: Telephone operator

8. Delaware
> Weirdest job: Materials scientist

9. Florida
> Weirdest job: Scuba diving pizza delivery man


10. Georgia
> Weirdest job: Chicken sexer

11. Hawaii
> Weirdest job: Golf ball diver


12. Idaho
> Weirdest job: Agricultural engineer

13. Illinois
> Weirdest job: Flavorist

14. Indiana
> Weirdest job: Airplane repo-man


15. Iowa
> Weirdest job: Wind turbine service technician

16. Kansas
> Weirdest job: Dog food taster


17. Kentucky
> Weirdest job: Mine shuttle car operator

18. Louisiana
> Weirdest job: Bridge and lock tender

19. Maine
> Weirdest job: Shoe machine operator


20. Maryland
> Weirdest job: Crime scene cleaner

21. Massachusetts
> Weirdest job: Industrial-organizational psychologist


22. Michigan
> Weirdest job: Furniture tester

23. Minnesota
> Weirdest job: Professional sleeper

24. Mississippi
> Weirdest job: Forest fire inspector/prevention specialist


25. Missouri
> Weirdest job: Dice quality inspector

26. Montana
> Weirdest job: Explosives worker


27. Nebraska
> Weirdest job: Dredge operator

28. Nevada
> Weirdest job: Gaming service worker

29. New Hampshire
> Weirdest job: Ash artist


30. New Jersey
> Weirdest job: Gum buster

31. New Mexico
> Weirdest job: Ayurveda healer


32. New York
> Weirdest job: Fortune cookie writer

33. North Carolina
> Weirdest job: Face feeler

34. North Dakota
> Weirdest job: Gas compressor operator


35. Ohio
> Weirdest job: Odor judge

36. Oklahoma
> Weirdest job: Rock splitter


37. Oregon
> Weirdest job: Professional snuggler

38. Pennsylvania
> Weirdest job: Chocolate taster

39. Rhode Island
> Weirdest job: Etchers and engraver


40. South Carolina
> Weirdest job: Nuclear power reactor operator

41. South Dakota
> Weirdest job: Correspondence clerk


42. Tennessee
> Weirdest job: Duck master

43. Texas
> Weirdest job: Marketing unicorn

44. Utah
> Weirdest job: Historian


45. Vermont
> Weirdest job: Solar photovoltaic installer

46. Virginia
> Weirdest job: Beer taster


47. Washington
> Weirdest job: Horticultural therapist

48. West Virginia
> Weirdest job: Mining roof bolter

49. Wisconsin
> Weirdest job: Floor sander


50. Wyoming
> Weirdest job: Roof-snow clearer

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