Weirdest Job in Every State

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Source: djedzura / Getty Images

41. South Dakota
> Weirdest job: Correspondence clerk

Correspondence clerks, also known as administrative assistants, are more common in South Dakota than any other state, accounting for 0.52 jobs per thousand.

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Source: Courtesy of The Peabody Memphis

42. Tennessee
> Weirdest job: Duck master

The famous Peabody Hotel in Memphis is home to a strange and delightful tradition in which five ducks march into the lobby and into its fountain twice a day. The first duck master led the Peabody Ducks to their destination starting in 1940 and held the job for 50 years.

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43. Texas
> Weirdest job: Marketing unicorn

Marketing unicorns, so called because they are rare, can run a company’s entire marketing department by themselves. This includes finding a company’s target audience, developing the brand, creating content, doing public relations, and more.

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44. Utah
> Weirdest job: Historian

Few states take their history as seriously as Utah. It has a Division of State History, a quarterly history journal, preservations efforts, as well as architecture and archaeology programs.

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45. Vermont
> Weirdest job: Solar photovoltaic installer

Vermont gets 99.6% of its electricity from renewable sources, by far the highest share in the nation. Solar photovoltaic installer put up the solar panels that help make this possible.

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