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Weirdest Job in Every State

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16. Kansas
> Weirdest job: Dog food taster

Since dogs can’t tell us what they think of their food, humans are needed to make sure nothing is amiss before pet food is shipped to stores. Kansas is one of the largest producers of pet food in the country.

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17. Kentucky
> Weirdest job: Mine shuttle car operator

As one of the largest coal-producing states left, Kentucky requires a number of workers to operate mine shuttle cars.

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18. Louisiana
> Weirdest job: Bridge and lock tender

As the terminus point of the Mississippi river and the location of the Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana has a substantial river control system, including a number of locks. It has roughly 10 times the concentration of bridge and lock tenders compared to the national workforce.

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19. Maine
> Weirdest job: Shoe machine operator

The vast majority of shoe machine operator jobs in America are located in Maine. Shoe companies like New Balance, L.L. Bean, Sperry, and more are all have operated in Maine.

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20. Maryland
> Weirdest job: Crime scene cleaner

Maryland has the 4th highest murder rate among states. When these crimes occur, professionals are needed to come and clean up the scene.

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