Special Report

How Every State Is Managing Schools During the Pandemic

As coronavirus cases continue to rise throughout the country, schools in all 50 states continue to close and reopen depending on the local outbreak. 

24/7 Wall St. reviewed guidelines released by state governors and health and education departments as well as news articles to create a current list of school restrictions and re-closures in every state.

Daily temperature checks at the door, mask wearing, and staying socially distant have been the new normal for months. Students, teachers, and parents alike have by now also become accustomed to sudden closures after someone at the school tests positive for COVID-19 or if there is a surge in new infections in the area.

In an effort to make school closures more predictable, many school districts have established a threshold for the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per student and staff. That way, parents know if a closure is imminent and can prepare in advance. Some schools have started administering COVID-19 rapid tests as a way to minimize the risk of transmission and remain open. 

In a few states, schools do not have to close, and students or staff who have been exposed to COVID-19 do not even have to quarantine if they were wearing masks when they were exposed  and are not exhibiting any of the disease’s symptoms. 

 With vaccination campaigns underway, teachers in some states have asked that schools close for in-person instruction until staff are able to get the shot. Here are the COVID-19 vaccination priorities in each state.

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