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The 23 Most Charming Towns in America

Source: Travel_Bug / Getty Images

1. Beaufort, South Carolina
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 13,404

Beaufort defines Southern Charm. It’s small, pretty, rich in history, and full of things to see and do, including mansions and museums. It’s also on one of South Carolina’s coastal Sea Islands and has lots of recreation options.

Source: Frank Schulenburg / Wikimedia Commons

2. Boonville, California
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 947

Boonville is a tiny town in Mendocino County in Northern California, which means it has a nice climate. It’s in a scenic valley that has wineries and is also near the sea.

3. Culpeper, Virginia
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 18,342

Culpeper is known for its “Great American Main Street” and was named The Prettiest Town in Virginia by Architectural Digest. In 2011 a 5.8 magnitude earthquake caused some damage to historic landmarks.

Source: peeterv / iStock via Getty Images

4. Deadwood, South Dakota
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 1,548

Deadwood was a boomtown in the 1870s during the Black Hills Gold Rush, and attracted characters such as Wild Bill Hickok, who was killed there. It has a much smaller population now, meaning it has all the history and charm without the craziness. Deadwood was the setting of the HBO series of the same name.

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5. Fredericksburg, Texas
> Total population (2019 5-Year): 11,245

Fredericksburg is proud of its German heritage and has been described as the Texas Hill Country’s unofficial capital of food and wine. It’s known for wildflowers such as bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush and Mexican Hat. When blooming they’re said to be “like a fireworks display on the ground.”