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Discover 20 All-Time Favorite Root Beer Brands

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Root beer, a timeless beverage cherished by many, offers a world of flavors waiting to be explored. From the creamy classics to the boldly innovative, each brand tells a story through its unique blend of ingredients and brewing techniques. Join us as we taste our way through the rich history and diverse profiles of these beloved root beers.

#1 A&W Root Beer

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A&W stands out as a classic in the root beer world. Originating in 1919, it has become synonymous with root beer itself, owning the domain rootbeer.com. A&W is especially known for its creamy texture and consistent, satisfying sweetness. It’s not just a beverage but an experience, with A&W restaurants offering freshly made root beer on-site, a practice dating back to the brand’s early days.

#2. Barq’s Root Beer

Barq’s, with its unique selling point of containing caffeine, offers a distinctive ‘bite’ that sets it apart from other root beers. This brand, born in the Deep South and with a history dating back to the founder Edward Charles Edmond Barq Sr., has maintained its popularity through the Prohibition era and beyond. It was eventually acquired by Coca-Cola in 1995, ensuring its widespread distribution and enduring presence in the root beer market

#3. Mug Root Beer

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Mug Root Beer, established in 1940, is a long-standing player in the root beer scene. It provides a vanilla-forward flavor profile that’s good enough to be a reliable option, yet it doesn’t quite stand out with bold intensity. Mug’s consistency and nationwide availability make it a familiar and dependable choice for root beer enthusiasts looking for a traditional taste.

#4. IBC Root Beer

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IBC Root Beer, with origins dating back to the Prohibition Era, offers a creamy and moderately biting flavor profile. It stands out for its balanced taste, owing to the use of cane sugar and quillaia extract, which contributes to its distinctively foamy head.

#5. Dad’s Root Beer

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Established in the 1930s in Chicago, Dad’s Root Beer is known for its robust flavor, featuring strong notes of cinnamon, clove, and berries. It offers a drier mouthfeel and less creamy texture compared to other root beers, catering to those who prefer a more pronounced spice in their beverage.

#6. Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

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Henry Weinhard’s offers a blend of sassafras, vanilla, and honey that has been well-received for its pleasant bitterness balanced with sweetness. It is bold and smooth, making it an excellent choice for root beer floats. However, the brand’s use of high fructose corn syrup might be a consideration for health-conscious consumers

#7. Sprecher Root Beer

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Originating from Wisconsin, Sprecher Root Beer is known for its fire-brewed method and local honey sweetness. While some find it overly sweet, it offers a rich, creamy mouthfeel with a peppery aroma. This craft root beer appeals to those who favor a more pronounced, richer flavor in their root beer.

#8. Virgil’s Zero Sugar Root Beer

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Virgil’s Zero Sugar Root Beer provides a sugar-free alternative that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Blending a variety of spices with stevia, this keto-friendly option aims to replicate the taste of traditional root beers. It’s an ideal choice for those adhering to specific dietary needs while still wanting to enjoy the classic root beer taste.

#9. Wild Bill’s Root Beer

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Veteran-owned Wild Bill’s offers a cane sugar-sweetened, vegan-friendly root beer. It’s known for its subtler flavor profile, making it an excellent option for those who prefer a less intense root beer experience.

#10. Not Your Father’s Root Beer

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Not Your Father’s Root Beer presents a unique twist with its hard root beer, featuring an alcohol content of 5.9%. It’s a blend of traditional root beer taste with a subtle alcoholic presence, suitable for those who enjoy the combination of a strong ale and classic root beer flavors.

#11. OLIPOP Root Beer

Cola with Ice. Food background
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A modern brand focused on gut health, OLIPOP avoids excessive sugar and artificial ingredients. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional sodas, rich in fiber and prebiotics. Though it comes with a higher price tag, OLIPOP offers a health-conscious soda option that doesn’t compromise on taste.

#12. Frostie Root Beer

Homemade Brown Cow Ice Cream Float
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Frostie Root Beer is the quintessential ingredient for creating the perfect root beer float. Its deep, dark color and bold flavor profile, marked by spicy anise, rich vanilla, and robust molasses, make it a standout. This root beer maintains its distinctive character even when mixed with ice cream, offering a seamless blend of flavors that showcases the classic soda fountain experience.

#13. Stewart’s Root Beer

Woman hand giving glass ,Soft drinks with ice, sweethart or buddy
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 Stewart’s Root Beer takes you back in time with its vintage flavor profile. Infused with the essence of birch and sasparilla, it offers a delightful sip that’s slightly spicy yet not overwhelmingly sweet. This root beer is ideal for those who cherish a more traditional taste, providing a refreshingly authentic and slightly less sweetened root beer experience.

#15. Hank’s Gourmet Root Beer

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Based in Philadelphia, Hank’s is known for its use of upscale ingredients like cane sugar. It offers a well-balanced flavor that doesn’t challenge the palate significantly. This brand is ideal for those who prefer a slightly elevated version of traditional root beer.

#16. Saranac Root Beer

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Saranac Root Beer stands out with its creamy texture and a distinctive zesty cinnamon tang. This brand offers a well-balanced drink that’s slightly less sweet than typical root beers. Its unique flavor is further enhanced by subtle notes of banana, contributing to an intriguing and nuanced taste profile that appeals to those seeking a less conventional root beer experience.

#17. Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer

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Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer is characterized by its use of molasses as a sweetener, creating a flavor profile that is both unique and bold. The initial wintergreen punch gives way to a fruity and slightly minty taste, complemented by a spicy, deep aroma. While the flavor experience might vary, it consistently offers a distinct and memorable root beer adventure.

#18. Dublin Texas Root Beer

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Dublin Texas Root Beer, a product of Dublin Bottling Works, upholds a tradition of quality that sets it apart in the root beer landscape. Renowned for its firm stance against using corn syrups, the brand prioritizes the use of cane sugar, ensuring a cleaner and more authentic sweetness in every bottle. This commitment to quality ingredients is a testament to the brand’s dedication to maintaining the heritage of its Dr. Pepper origins, a lineage that speaks to the classic flavors of the legendary soda.

#19. Dang! That’s Good Root Beer

Fizz sparkling Cola water Refreshing bubbly Soda Pop with Ice Cubes. Cold soft drink cola carbonated liquid fresh and cool iced drink in a glasses . Refreshing and quench thirst concept .
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Dang! That’s Good Root Beer distinguishes itself with a robust flavor profile, marked by the potent combination of wintergreen, vanilla, and pure cane sugar. The wintergreen introduces a refreshing, slightly minty note, while the vanilla adds a creamy smoothness. The use of pure cane sugar enhances the root beer with a rich, full-bodied sweetnesss.

#20. Sparky’s Root Beer

glass of cold cola soft drink with ice on wooden background
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Sparky’s Root Beer is renowned for its striking flavor combination of strong wintergreen and creamy vanilla, creating a unique and memorable taste experience. The balance between the invigorating wintergreen and the rich vanilla results in a root beer that offers a distinctive and enjoyable sipping adventure, setting Sparky’s apart in the world of root beer varieties.

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