Apple appears just once in Bob Woodward’s ‘Fear’

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I peeked at the index in an airport bookstore, where Fear was discounted 20% on its first day of sales.


The reference is on p. 190. Trump is about to pull out of the Paris Climate accord. Ivanka is trying to dissuade him.

Ivanka said to her father, “Mark Zuckerberg wants to talk to you.” She had lined up a call between her father and the founder and CEO of Facebook. Zuckerberg was an outspoken climate change advocate. She did the same with Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, and others. At one point she slipped a personal message from Al Gore, one of the foremost Paris advocates, into a stack of papers on the president’s desk.

Trump talked to Gore, who reported to others that he actually thought Trump seemed like he might stay in.

My take: Sad. But I’d rather hear what they had to say about tariffs and trade.