Cramer vs. Nikkei (video)

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“Isn’t this convenient.” —Jim Cramer reacting to Nikkei Asian Review’s iPhone XR report.

It’s really interesting, how its’s so well timed, isn’t it?

[Apple] just reported, and they said they’re not going to break down any phones [unit sales] and then this report surfaces and says, “hey, they’re holding off [production expansion].” Now you’re supposed to say “Aha! I know why they’re not telling you this.”

This is complete nonsense.

I’m not saying the stock is going to go up. I say the stock is going to go down.

I’m saying the company has a buyback and it’s going to buy back every share. Every share it can.

Que the video:

Apple will have a buyback and buy every share they can , says Jim Cramer from CNBC.

My take. Yup.