Apple: Daniel Eran Dilger tries to hold back the tide

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From Dilger’s Poor news curation at Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters creating misleading iPhone supply chain panic, posted Monday on AppleInsider:

Several prominent news sources are again blowing a cloud of speculative rumor-mongering that claims Apple’s iPhone sales are —perhaps!—in desperate straits. Revised revenue reports from just five firms—out of Apple’s 200 primary suppliers—are at the core of these reports…

Troubles at component producers in Apple’s supply chain have once again been cited as evidence that iPhone demand must be weaker than expected. This was very wrong last year, and every year for at least the last five generations of iPhones.

In fact, it was five years ago that Benedict Evans tweeted, “after the past couple of years, people really ought to have learned that supply chain production volume rumours for iPhones are worthless.”

My take: Traders and algorithms don’t read AppleInsider.

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