CEO Compensation

A new study of CEO compensation reveals that top CEOs were paid 320 times more than an average worker last year. That's a 14% year-over-year increase.
United Airlines may lay off as many as 36,000 employees in October. Its new CEO will waive his salary until the end of the year. But what does that mean exactly?
The number of S&P 500 chief executive officers of color and women are a tiny part of the universe, and these numbers have not changed much in recent years.
Does Nike's new CEO have a financial or moral obligation to contribute back to the company any of his unbelievable compensation?
Macy's will cut 3,900 jobs as part of a cost-cutting effort. Its CEO made 461 times the median compensation of his workers last year.
Some chief executives are paid at a stunning multiple of the people who worked at their corporations. In 2019, seven CEOs made 1,000 times more than the median pay.
Last year, one chief executive made 2,077 times what his workers did, a much larger ratio than any other public company, by far.
The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has thrived under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Bob Iger. Disney has expanded its empire greatly under his leadership and the company has grown massively. Now...
The long-held belief among investors is that the CEO is responsible for results in any company. If Jeff Gennette is not to blame for the Macy's disaster, who is?
Research shows that 393 companies paid their CEOs over 100 times more than the median of their workers. At a handful of companies, the ratio was much more substantial.
The Business Roundtable has issued a new statement on the purpose of a corporation. Will mayhem ensue?
CEO pay has become a bone of contention between the boards of some public companies and their shareholders. How can a CEO be worth tens of millions of dollars, some investors ask, no matter how good...
McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) has been among the American companies that pay its workers the least. As some evidence of the ongoing pay problem at the fast-food chain, the U.S. Securities and...
Some people might wonder how bad it looks when a chief executive officer resigns and the company's stock rises. Generally it's a case of distress-relief when that occurs.
Ford CEO Jim Hackett was paid 276 times more in compensation last year than the median employee. Hackett's pay rose by about 10% while employee compensation rose by about 9.6%.