Google Android

Several of the large divisions of Alphabet could operate independently. As the government reviews how it might blunt Google's influence, these divisions offer a map for what Alphabet would look like...
A report Monday morning at hints that Microsoft may be working on a smartphone that will use Google's Android operating system.
App sales for Android-based mobile devices are expected to surpass sales of iOS apps for Apple devices for the first time in 2017, according to a new report from App Annie.
Apple upped its U.S. market share over the recent three-month holiday period to nab 42% of smartphone sales. Android-based devices still lead in overall sales, but sales dipped year-over-year.
The global market share of Google's Android surged last quarter, further cornering Apple's iOS. Apple is stuck on its own island as the water rises.
In a world where it seems like almost everyone is addicted to smartphones, what would happen if employers started making employees check their phones or leave them at home or in the car?
While sales of iPhone 6 models have swamped the competition, the market share of the Google Android operating system is more than half of the market.
The following warning was issued by a software security firm that researches the Google Android OS.
Worldwide smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2015 grew at their slowest rate in two years,according to Gartner.
At its I/O developer conference, Google showed off a new feature for its Google Now notification dashboard/assistant for Android. It is called Google Now on Tap.
Every report we see on smartphone operating systems puts Android at the top of list. Where it counts -- the bottom line -- Apple is picking up all the marbles.
For the period ending in December, Samsung Electronics gained in the U.S. smartphone market share, but it still trails Apple.
Shopping and productivity have risen to the top of mobile app usage growth, far outdistancing the entertainment and games apps that previously led in consumer usage.
The top smartphone app for 2014 was Facebook, with more than 118 million unique users on average. Google Android was the top mobile operating system.
In 2014, the global market for smartphones is forecast to reach 1.29 billion units with a total value of nearly $383 billion.