Insider Activity

Buffett had been a huge holder of Wells Fargo's stock over time. The latest reputational damage has proved to be too much for the Oracle of Omaha, and whatever his tax ramifications are he has...
Approval for an announced $765 million federal loan to Eastman Kodak has been delayed until the agency granting the loan investigates allegations of insider trading against certain company officials.
24/7 Wall St. has tracked a significant wave of insiders selling $1 million or more in stock in the final days of July and the start of August.
One thing that Bank of America has going for it as a major endorsement is Warren Buffett, and his endorsement just became even larger.
An $8 million purchase of Ford's common stock was just made by William Clay Ford Jr. The move might not negate the last poor earnings announcement and guidance, but it may signal at least some safety...
Almost $2.4 million was spent by insiders to buy shares of American Airlines. This is a solid financial commitment by management after a period in which the share price has fallen handily from the...
There is a saying that nothing lasts forever, and that is what CenturyLink's management may be trying to communicate.
When it comes out that Carl Icahn is investing in a stock, those shares usually trade up. But what happens when he starts dialing down his holdings?
Nvidia just lost a serious long-time backer. Japan's SoftBank Group has disclosed that it sold its entire 4.9% stake in the tech company.
So what happens after a massive slide in IBM's share price and insiders have started buying the stock?
  After a big stock market sell-off and a subsequent snap-back rally, it’s always interesting to see how corporate directors are acting toward their own shares. It’s no secret that...
The ongoing Tesla saga keeps offering new twists and turns for both the company and its shareholders.
La Jolla Pharmaceutical and Sarepta Therapeutics are among seven biotech stocks that have seen some notable insider trading recently.
Several allies hit back at Trump tariffs, S&P cuts Deutsche Bank's credit rating, a Goldman Sachs executive charged with insider trading, and other important headlines.
Here are four battered companies that some big name investors and insiders are buying shares of now.