iPhone sales

Apple has done well with iPhone sales in China for years, but its fortunes took a considerable turn for the worse at the start of this year.
iPhone sales need to increase briskly in 2024 to get Apple stock back in gear. Yet skeptics point out that each new iPhone is not much different from the model it replaces.
Warren Buffett parted with 10 million shares of Apple last quarter, a sign the Oracle of Omaha thinks the iPhone maker’s run is over.
Apple iPhone sales in China have made it the top-selling smartphone there, the world’s largest smartphone market.
A recent analysis reveals that Apple was the top company for smartphone shipments in 2023, overcoming prior leader Samsung.
Could a strong holiday sales season boost Apple stock to over $200 a share again? Headwinds have investors worried.
A recent analysis reveals that the iPhone 15 has done well worldwide, putting to rest any questions about whether modest sales would hurt Apple.