Is it good or bad that customers can tip workers electronically at Starbucks?
When tens of thousands of people lose their jobs at McDonald's, where will they go?
As the world begins to grapple with the consequences of artificial intelligence technologies on the labor market, it is also interesting to look back and see which industries have been thriving...
Starbucks has had an ugly battle with unions that represent its in-store workers. Workers object to pay packages that can be as little as $15 an hour. Former CEO Howard Schultz was hauled before a...
Although the number of unionized Starbucks stores is small, it is growing.
A recent analysis reveals that the rise in artificial intelligence will result in 14 million jobs being lost by 2027.
A recent analysis reveals that this city in California has the nation's highest jobless rate.
When Starbucks looks back on its struggle against the unions, it may find the process was not worth it.
As Starbucks battles to keep unions out of its stores, its stock price is in trouble as well.
Starbucks will battle unions as long as it can. For the time being, it is losing that fight.
A recent analysis reveals that this state's unemployment rate continues to be sharply higher than the national rate.
A recent analysis reveals that Mexico is the county where people work the most hours per week.
A recent analysis reveals that, worldwide, women’s pay could take 132 years to catch men’s.
People in some industries have received double-digit percentage raises, proof that supply and demand are still part of the economy.
While Black unemployment is near an all-time low, it is still much higher than for white Americans.