Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has reshuffled management as it tries to pull its way out of the scandal involving the misuse of member information.
The March 29 short interest data have been compared with the previous report. Short interest in most of these selected social media stocks increased.
With the Waltons still at the helm, Walmart is in the midst of a resurgence, and they deserve much of the credit.
Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) may have been getting grilled in Washington, D.C. over its easy allowance of questionable advertisements from Russia during the election, but its earnings results are now...
Credit Suisse has just become more than aggressive in its mega-cap coverage of the largest internet giants. The firm sees a much stronger landscape for Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook.
With a new analyst coverage from Barclays' Ross Sandler, Amazon and Alphabet are given far stronger upside targets. Facebook's call looks more traditional in the upside.
Facebook is notorious for taking from other platforms and working them to its own. In fact this social media giant has been the best at doing this.
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) reported its third-quarter financial results after the markets closed on Wednesday. The company had $1.09 in earnings per share (EPS) and $7.01 billion in revenue. Thomson...
Tesla Motors paid CEO and founder Elon Musk $37,584 last year, which is the California minimum wage.
This is heads-and-tails review of the FANG stocks and of the mighty Apple for what is going right now and for what could actually go wrong in 2016 or shortly thereafter.
First it was Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and now you can add Mark Zuckerberg to the list for long-term charitable giving.
Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has released its third quarter earnings and the numbers look solid on all fronts. That may not be a surprise after the other online and tech earnings we have seen. Still,...
Source: Internet.orgFacebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) reported its second-quarter financial results Wednesday after the markets closed. The social media giant had $0.50 in operating earnings per share...
It seems as though every single investor is still in love with Apple. But is it the best stock with the most upside of all stocks in the market?
Facebook reported mixed first-quarter results after the close of trading on Wednesday.