Value Investing

Here is an outlook for the major money-center banks and financials that lead the sector each day.
Apple led the Dow's 2019 gains by posting a total return of about 86%, but it has a serious potential threat as it enters 2020 in that Wall Street just has not caught up to it.
The General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) of 2020 and beyond is likely to look quite different from the GE of a decade earlier. The GE of tomorrow is also going to be less diversified and less leveraged....
The year 2019 was nothing short of incredible. On top of the bull market now being well over 10 years old, the Dow Jones industrials, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all put in strong gains at the end of the...
Merrill Lynch has released a list of 11 top stock picks for 2020 heading into the new year that fit within the themes for value, yields at a reasonable price and so on.
Here are five of the top gold-mining and gold-producing stocks that appear undervalued despite gold's performance in 2019.
Investors have a lot to consider as 2020 gets closer. 24/7 Wall St. has identified seven of the 30 Dow stocks to which value investors and others may flock.
Goldman Sachs believes that several health care companies can win, and it has three top picks for 2020 that may seem counterintuitive.
Credit Suisse has identified some of its favorite Outperform-rated stocks among the integrated and regulated utilities.
One theme that investors love in good times and in bad is dividend investing. One strategy that has been around for years is known as the Dogs of the Dow.
Independent research firm Argus sees better than 25% potential upside for Bristol-Myers Squibb in the coming year.
State Street's 2020 ETF Market Outlook offers strategies about how investors should position their portfolios. This involves growing market risks and insulating portfolios from potential broad market...
24/7 Wall St. has identified 10 stocks that have risen 1,000% or more since the last trading day of 2009.
Investors have to be asking themselves if AT&T's rise can continue into next year. There are at least some on Wall Street who feel it can outperform in 2020.
These are five of the high-profile picks made heading into year-end that we would consider to be Merrill Lynch's newer top pick candidates for 2020.