Online Shopping

Amazon Offers 50% Off on Some Items

Retailers have to move inventory at a good clip in order not to get stuck with a bunch of stuff they can't sell because it has passed its sell-by date ...
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Inflation Ahead

Slow Wholesale Inflation and Retail Sales Likely to Dampen Fed Rate Hike Expectations

Perhaps the increase in China's exports sounds good for the global growth story, but there is more direct observation in U.S. economic data showing why Janet Yellen and the Federal ...
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VW Golf TDI engine

Dealers Sue Volkswagen Over Diesel Emissions Cheating

Volkswagen had hoped that its meeting with U.S. dealers last week would allow the company to sidestep reparations payments to dealers who lost sales following the diesel-emissions scandal that has ...
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Cash register

March Same-Store Sales Growth Muted

Retailers announced March U.S. same-store sales figures Thursday morning. Research firm Retail Metrics had forecast a year-over-year increase of just 0.1% for the month. That's not much, but it is ...
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March Same-Store Sales Forecast to Rise Just 0.1%

Several chain stores that still report monthly same-stores sales results will be announcing March numbers after markets close Wednesday and before they open Thursday. Analysts at Retail Metrics are projecting ...
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The Perfect Storm for Home Improvement Leaders

When housing prices are on the march higher, it is sometimes difficult for homeowners and some first-time buyers to find something affordable. Many also choose just to stay put and ...
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Would Regulators Allow Mattel and Hasbro to Merge?

Sometimes you hear great merger stories. Other times merger stories sound like they could be made up. And then there are the mergers that would get a close review from ...
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Battered Dollar Bill

Did GameStop Sales Show Too Much Holiday Discounting?

On a day when stocks are trying to bounce from such a monumental sell-off, you might assume that GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) would be marching higher. After all, this is ...
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Mixed View on Personal Income & Spending vs. Rate Hike Expectations

If you read all the reports about weak retail spending, you might wonder how all those dollars saved on gasoline are ending up in the economy. Now add in continually strong ...
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City life

10 Stores Open On Thanksgiving

 Holiday sales make up the lion's share of annual revenue for most U.S. retailers, many of which depend heavily on holiday shoppers to meet their yearly goals. American consumers spent ...
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