Paying Taxes

States With the Highest (and Lowest) Taxes

During the 2011 tax season, Americans paid 9.8% of their income in state and local taxes -- on top of taxes collected by the federal government. This number, according to ...
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Ten Huge Companies Dodged State Taxes for Five Years

States, often burdened by budget deficits that grew during the recession, are not getting tax receipts from some of America's largest companies. Among them are Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) and ...
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Fuel pump in fuel tank

States With the Highest Gas Prices

Gasoline prices have risen steadily in the past six weeks through March 18. There was an uptick in gas prices in 37 of the past 38 days, and gas is ...
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Map of United States

Ten States With the Lowest Unemployment

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released data Monday on the unemployment rates in the 50 states and District of Columbia. The numbers changed very little in January, the ...
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full ashtray

Smoking Rate Highest in Kentucky, Lowest in Utah

More than 30.2% of people in Kentucky were smokers in 2013. Barely behind at 29.9% were the residents of adjacent West Virginia. At the other end of the spectrum, residents ...
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Online shopping

Goodbye to the Federal Online Sales Tax — for Now

The outlook for a long-sought federal fix of state sales taxation of online retailers looks dim after comments Wednesday by Robert Goodlatte, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary ...
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The Fattest States in America

Many Americans consider obesity one of the nation's most important health issues. Many also battle themselves with the problem every day. According to a recent report, 27.1% of all Americans ...
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Ten States With the Most Fraud Complaints

Fraud and scams cost Americans more than $1.6 billion last year. According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there were more than 2 million cases of fraud ...
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Ten States Where Income Inequality Has Soared

Although average real income in the United States increased by more than a third between 1979 and 2007, not all workers benefited equally. In each of the 50 states, income ...
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America’s Most Content (and Miserable) States

The well-being of Americans hasn't improved in the past six years, and it even declined slightly in 2013, according to a recent Gallup study. While national figures remained flat overall, ...
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Florida Tourism Hits Record Levels

Florida has staged a big comeback after years of high unemployment and one of the worst housing busts in recent memory. The state's tourism industry posted record high results ...
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States Where Children are Struggling the Most to Read

According to a recent report, children’s reading performances have improved in the past decade. While 70% of fourth graders had weak reading skills in 2003, that rate dropped to 66% ...
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Could California Drought Hurt U.S. Economy?

California has come back from the Great Recession that drove its unemployment to one of the highest among the states. Buoyed by the rise of new technology companies and a ...
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Wyoming Most Conservative State, D.C. Most Liberal

The most conservative Americans live in the Plains States and the South, which probably comes as no surprise. And the liberals tend to live in the Northeast and on the ...
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home prices

The Six Best States to Flip a House

In 2013, investors bought more than 156,000 homes, only to fix them up and quickly resell them for an average profit of $58,081. Home flipping became increasingly popular as the ...
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