Man grabbing his pistol

The 10 States With the Worst Gun Violence

An alarming number of high-profile mass shootings in the last decade, from Columbine to Virginia Tech to Sandy Hook to Orlando, have reignited the debate over gun control in the ...
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Coca-Cola products

States Drinking the Most Soda

There are serious health risks -- including weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease -- associated with soda and sugary drink consumption. Partially as a result, the American soft-drink industry has ...
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cheers, people drinking beer

States Drinking the Most Beer

Nationwide, beer consumption per capita has declined by roughly 4% since 2011. Still, beer is big business in the United States.The beer industry generates $252.6 billion in economic output each ...
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Mississippi Is the Most Obese State

Mississippi has the most obese residents of any of the 50 states. As a by-product, cases of diabetes and the costs of health care are high, along with premature deaths. In ...
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New Hampshire Spends Least Among States on Public Higher Education

New Hampshire spends the least on public higher education among America's 50 states. In most states in which this is true, tuitions are high. In the study, "States Investing the Most in ...
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Tightening Tie

States Where Employment Is Growing Fastest and Slowest

In the past five years, the United States has added roughly 12.3 million jobs, an increase of 9.3%. Unemployment is currently close to an eight-year low. The vast majority of ...
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Don't walk New York traffic sign, pedestrian

The Most (and Least) Dangerous States for Pedestrians

Once introduced, cars quickly became part of America's culture -- but with the automobile also came driver, passenger, and pedestrian traffic fatalities. Per capita traffic fatalities, including pedestrian deaths, have ...
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Business Closed Sign

America’s 10 Worst States for Business

24/7 Wall St. recently examined the business environment in all 50 states. The bottom 10 are particularly difficult for those companies that are based in them, or those that have considered ...
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One Dollar

The Value of a Dollar in Every State

While a dollar bill looks and feels the same all over the United States, its value is often very different depending on where it is used. The prices of housing, ...
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Holding gun square

Easiest States to Buy a Gun

The second amendment, which was passed by Congress on September 25, 1789, states, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people ...
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Hard hat and gloves, union

The States With the Strongest and Weakest Unions

The U.S. Supreme Court issued in March a split vote on a decision that, if passed, would have prevented public sector unions from requiring non-union government workers to pay union ...
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3 States Have Unemployment Under 3%

As unemployment dropped to 4.9% in February, three states had unemployment rates of under 3%. They were New Hampshire at 2.7%, South Dakota at 2.7%, and North Dakota at ...
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Unemployment Above 6% in 6 States

The unemployment level in the United States in February was 4.9%. Six states lagged well behind that with jobless rates above 6%, which shows how uneven the rebound from the ...
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Black Unemployment at 9.6%

While the 2015 average national unemployment rate sat at 5.3%, the rate among African Americans was 9.6%, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The rate ...
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The 5 States Where People Get the Least Sleep

Eight hours of sleep. That is the rule most often mentioned as the measure of a good night's sleep. Some people claim they can get by on less, and for ...
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