The Nine iPad Apps Changing Business

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1. MyChair
> What it does: keeps track of clients, appointments
> Who uses it: hairstylists
> Cost: $19.99
> Similar apps: Personal Salon Assistant

MyChair is one of the most popular and highest-grossing apps in the entire business section of the iPad store. Its usefulness to hairdressers extends well beyond being a compact datebook. The app also automatically sends emails to clients who missed their appointments, and it keeps track of referrals and financial records. Because hairdressers often manage their own schedules and make their own appointments, and they can work at several different salons in the same week, a mobile device is particularly useful.

2. Property Evaluator
> What it does: calculates home value
> Who uses it: real estate investors, real estate agents
> Cost: $4.99
> Similar apps: Mortgage Payment Calculator Free

Property Evaluator claims to be an ideal app for brokers, real estate investors and home buyers alike. The software calculates the approximate price of a house or a building based on its square footage, features and location. Currently, it is one of the top-grossing apps in the finance section of the iPad store. According to the publisher, Real Estate Tools: “you can view financial projections that show you a true apples-to-apples comparison between properties” while on-site. In other words, what usually requires the use of complicated spreadsheets or a PC-based application can now be done while viewing the property. More expensive versions of the app allow users to look at multiple properties at the same time and email PDFs of the valuation, as well as photos of the location.

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3. Foreflight
> What it does: preflight checklist, organizes navigation
> Who uses it: pilots
> Cost: Free, with upgrades of $10 and $20
> Similar apps:  WingX, Jeppesen Mobile TC

According to a New York Times article, pilots are now using the iPad to store the thousands of documents they are required to have on each flight. There are now more than 250 aviation apps. The most popular of these is Foreflight. According to Foreflight, for pilots “the iPad makes planning flights more efficient; helps them remove up to 90 pounds of paper charts from their cockpit; ensures they are always flying with the most current information possible by making the downloading of current information simple.”  The developer also claims that the app improves productivity during flight by making access to information available with taps and keyword searches, “instead of flipping through pages of bound reference materials in flight.”

4. Sketchbook Pro
> What it does: sketch and paint on iPad
> Who uses it: artists, designers
> Cost: $4.99
> Similar apps: LiveSketch, Brushes, Eazel

Sketchbook Pro was developed by Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD, which is very popular 3D imaging software used by designers and architects. The sketchbook software features a full palette of digital drawing tools that allows artists to create their work from anywhere, without having to worry about bringing supplies. The software has hundreds of tools and brushes, and it allows users to save their work and send it to others digitally. According to Wired, the app already has more than 5 million downloads.

5. Trialpad
> What it does: trial presentation preparation, legal document manager
> Who uses it: lawyers
> Cost: $89.99
> Similar apps: Testimony, Exhibit A

One of the most expensive pieces of software in the app store, TrialPad has been adopted by thousands of lawyers to manage their extensive paperwork and to prepare for trial. According to one representative from developer Lit Software, “Attorneys worldwide have been choosing TrialPad since its introduction late last year, keeping it consistently in the top 20 grossing business apps.” TrialPad says that attorneys tell them that the apps ability to organize, annotate and display documents has improved effectiveness and efficiency.