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Environmental activist groups have announced a new $1 million online ad campaign that aims to pressure key industry players and institutions to change Bitcoin’s code and lower its carbon footprint.
Ahead of the Federal Reserve’s meeting next week, the stock and crypto markets have reacted, nose-diving and wiping billions of dollars.
Plans for a new cryptocurrency exchange backed by several Wall Street giants have been announced.
According to on-chain data, Bitcoin’s mining hash rate has hit an all-time high following a significant drop experienced over the summer.
The parent company behind the Ethereum Name Service has filed a lawsuit against centralized domain registrar GoDaddy.
BlackRock warns that the equities market could suffer more downturns. It highlighted the current efforts of the Federal Reserve to curb inflation through interest rate hikes amidst a poor macro...
Though the crypto downturn has severely impacted general interest levels within the digital asset sector, investors and venture capitalists continue to seize the day as investments in specific crypto...
Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer 2 network, last week completed a network upgrade, migrating from the existing Arbitrum One network to Arbitrum Nitro.
The upcoming Ethereum Merge is set to cause a shift in the supply-demand dynamics of Ether in both the short and long term.
Many analysts believe that the Ethereum merge may be the catalyst for it to flip Bitcoin, at least in the medium term.
The Federal Reserve’s ongoing battle with record inflation through interest rate hikes has increased concerns over a possible recession in 2022.
Questions abound over the timing of Meta's move to allow Facebook and Instagram users to display their digital collectibles on both platforms.
Hedge funds have placed substantial bets against Italian government bonds due to growing worries over Rome’s political unrest and worsening economic situation.
Tether, the stablecoin issuer behind USDT, has come out to refute claims that it defied US sanctions regarding addresses linked with the embattled Tornado Cash.
The White House is likely to announce its decision regarding student debt relief today.