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35 Brands That Start With E

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You cannot go wrong with good brand products. They are a fabric of our culture. It is something we all have tried or used at one point or another. Brands offer us something with a small promise of the item being great quality.

Looking at brands that start with A was fun as we got to talk about Apple, Adidas, and many exciting brands. It allowed us to see so many brands that we use in our daily lives. Brands came in all shapes and sizes. Likewise, they are all pretty important in the grand scheme of things. When looking at brands that start with E, we will also look at what they are and the ultimate purpose they serve in our lives. With that said, let’s dig deep and take a look at brands that start with the letter E.

Catgory 1: Clothing Brands

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1. Eastpak

Eastpak brings its brand to backpacks, luggage, and other shoulder bags. However, the brand also has a lot of collaborations and customized products. They recently did a collaboration with Cartoon Network. One of their classic collaborations is with the Simpsons.


ECCO brings out shoes, bags, and other accessories. You can find shoes for hiking, or for that fancy wedding you are planning to go to. The brand always offers something new and exciting for customers.

3. Ed Hardy

The first thing you notice when you check out the Ed Hardy brand is some trendy jean jackets and pantyhose. Ed Hardy creates specific branding designs for every occasion or holiday. The brand is very high on T-shirts and dresses. They also heavily promote hoodies and denim. It is one of the unique brands that start with E.

4. Eddie Bauer

When talking about comfortable footwear, you cannot go wrong with Eddie Bauer. Let’s look at what they offer. The first thing you notice about this brand is that they flow with the seasons. Currently, the focus is on outerwear and shoes for the snow. They are an outdoor brand that promotes going outside, touching the grass, and being one with nature.

5. Emporio Armani

Perhaps you are more of the type to go strutting into business meetings while looking like the best person in the room. Emporio Armani is a classic brand that offers all the latest and stylish suits for you. But it does more than just that. You can also find jackets, pants, and sweaters with the brand design all over it. Emporio Armani believes you can wear their products for fashion or lifestyle.


Fashion is fun. When it comes to ELLE, you can get all the latest fashion trends. Wool coats and leather pants are some of the highlights you will see with this brand. There are all sorts of unique designs for every occasion.

7. Emerica

Emerica is the exact opposite of ELLE. This brand is all about the skateboard lifestyle. You can get all the latest t-shirts, jackets, and footwear before riding that skateboard on the ramp. You also will get belts and beanies of all kinds with this brand.

8. Espirit

Espirit is in over 40 countries. This brand is unique, with a heavy emphasis on three colors: blue, pink, and purple. You can get all the latest in t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, and shorts. They are constantly mixing things up for the seasons, so there is always something new to check out.

9. Etsy

Maybe you want something with a handmade design that is unique. That is what Etsy offers. The Etsy brand has 17 different categories to choose from. You will likely find what you want with something interesting and new to choose from. The brand has been around for a while and continues to thrive.

Category 2: Cosmetic and Bath Brands

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1. Earth Baby

Earth Baby offers organic products that are perfect for cleansing your baby’s body. The heavy focus on infants makes it stand out among the brands that start with E because it is a specialized niche that has a lot of reach. With Earth Baby, you will get lotion, cream, body wash, and sunscreen.

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics

With e.l.f. Cosmetics, you can get everything you can for your best skin treatment. You get the best brand versions of sunscreen, face concealer, and primer. Makeup and skincare are the two biggest selling points for this brand. It is all about the glow as the brand continues emphasizing products that will make you shine at your best.

3. Elemis Freshkin

Maybe you need something for your skin that is a little more fancy than others? Elemis Franklin offers just that. In this case, you get an award-winning luxury brand. This brand is a big hit. It is also a brand that has been popular with celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Hudson. You will get plenty of good reviews from this brand.

4. Elizabeth Arden

Makeup, perfume, and skincare are what you will get when you go for the Elizabeth Arden brand. You can get all of the newest fragrances available. Elizabeth Arden also offers suncare and eyecare. It is a staple of the brand.

5. Estee Lauder

You have probably heard of Estee Lauder. It offers everything you can possibly want in all the latest cosmetics care, always offering the highest quality products. Estee Lauder offers numerous options for the lips, including lipstick and lipgloss. You can also get all the best brushes and tools to finish your collection. Estee Lauder provides everything you need for your cosmetics collection.


You can get EVE PEARL beauty brands through their website or even on Amazon. It offers products for the face, lips, and eyes. You can also find everything you need for your skin. EVE PEARL also offers makeup tips to help its consumers apply makeup properly.

Category 3: Food Brands

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1. Earl of Sandwich

If you desire a great sandwich, Earl of Sandwich is a popular brand that provides great hoagies. The brand has spawned restaurants all over the place. In fact, you can find one if you go to Downtown Disney in Anaheim.

2. Edy’s Ice Cream

Maybe you like ice cream? Edy’s Ice Cream is a brand that has been screaming for ice cream since 1928. You will love all the flavors that this brand offers. Some of the classics that Edy’s offers include vanilla, chocolate chip, and vanilla bean. There is also a Rocky Road Ice Cream Collection that you will enjoy with seven different combos. It is a tasty brand that will work out for you on a hot summer day.

3. Eden Creamery

You may want some cheese. There are plenty of cheese offerings with Eden Creamery. This brand comes from a farm in Idaho. The focus of this brand is on goat cheese and creme. It is a brand that is all over the country.

4. Eggo

The Eggo brand has grown. It even tripled its sales after the brand was featured in the show ‘Stranger Things’, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times. It is a brand that has taken control of the breakfast food competition. You can get eggo in many different flavors and enjoy it with many different variations.

5. Eckrich

You might want to have some smoked sausage with those waffles. Eckrich comes in with that assistance and has been delivering sausages since 1894. You can combine Eckrich sausages with anything. The brand is promoting three seasonal recipes right now. You can make a turkey sausage taco, smoked sausage hoagie, or BBQ sliders. It goes well with anything.

6. El Pollo Loco

Chicken may be your favorite food, and that is where El Pollo Loco comes in. This brand has numerous restaurants throughout the world. They are also famous for their dipping sauces, which you can get on eBay. The focus of this brand is grilled chicken that sizzles after cooking and also offers numerous dipping sauces to try.

7. El Torito

The El Torito brand evolved beyond its chain restaurants. They even have some lounges that are located underneath apartment buildings. You get all the branded chips along with the signature dishes. The brand is heavy on Mexican food and offers all the latest dishes. The cake mix and salad dressing are among the brand products you can find in some Mexican grocery stores.

8. Enzo Olive Oil Company

If you are making a salad and need the perfect compliment, then the Enzo Olive Oil brand may be the thing to finish the meal prep. You get some amazing products like red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar. Either works for planting on your favorite salad dishes. You can even use it to cook or bake. It is the perfect finishing touch.

9. Essential Living 

Essential Living promotes itself as raw skin foods that is trustworthy. There are many products under this brand with raw ingredients. Most of the items you will see on this brand are compliments of what you are making. It is not just for food. Essential Living also produces products that help clean the house or your skin. It also has items that help you smell nice.

10. Explore Cuisine

You might want plant protein. You also might want food from other cultures. Explore Cuisine gives you that option. You will see many of their products at Sprouts Farmers Market or Mothers Market. Many of the products under this brand are organic. It is one of the healthier brands that start with E.

Category 4: Financial, Technology and Media Brands

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1. EA Games

If you have ever played a sports video game, then you know all about EA Games. This is a popular brand that has created some of your favorite sports video game moments. EA  Games currently has its hands on game franchises like Madden and NHL. The brand continues to grow and produce more changes to its yearly titles while making more exciting sports video games.


E*TRADE is all about investments, trading, and retirement. This brand is famous in the stock market and one you have probably seen numerous commercials about. They just had a Super Bowl commercial that featured babies playing pickleball while talking about investments. This brand is so popular that it is everywhere and hard to miss.

3. eBay

You might need to sell something or buy a product for cheaper prices. Then, you might have gone through eBay. This brand is so prominent in internet transactions. The brand lets you buy and sell items for a set price or let people bid on them, like an auction. You can find items for super cheap prices on eBay, at least at the start of the bid. It is one of the more popular brands that start with E.

4. eHarmony

Online dating has become a big thing for people looking for love. It is a brand that has become large because most people know what it is. Moreover, you can use eHarmony to find people around your area who have a common interest. This brand continues to thrive and grow yearly.

5. Electrolux

The Electrolux brand is all products for the home. Their washers and dryers were even given the best rating. Other products under the Electrolux brand include microwaves and wall ovens. You can also get kitchen air filters.

6. Emirates

If you have ever flown on an airline, you know about Emirates. But their brand is more than just a normal airline. You will see Emirates on billboards. Additionally, you might even see the logo and brand on a jersey worn by a player from the English Premier League. It is a worldwide brand that is recognizable by millions.

7. Energizer

The Energizer Bunny is a popular and iconic character in our culture. You probably remembered watching this character in commercials when you were young. Energizer is a brand that promises batteries that last a long time. It has been around since 1896 and has provided extra energy for some of your products ever since.


The original sports channel is a brand to admire. This brand now provides television coverage to millions of viewers across the world. Additionally, ESPN is a brand that also continues to provide sports entertainment online and in digital and print form. Many of your greatest memories watching sports have been aired on ESPN. It is a brand that continues to provide excellent sports coverage today.

9. Epson

Epson has its stamp on printers and projectors. Many of the newest printing products for your home office have the Epson brand on them. It offers you the chance to print from anywhere with its newest products. Epson is a heavy contender for business services worldwide.

10. Expedia

If you want to travel, then you probably have used the Expedia brand. It allows you to book a hotel room and a plane ticket at the same time. There are also numerous deals you can sprawl through by clicking their search bars. This brand provides so many choices for finding a place to stay and also gives you some selections on things to do near the place where you are staying.

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