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As Stock Market Hits All-Time Highs, Investors Bailing Out of Defensive Strategies

With news that a phase-one trade deal with China is closer, with tariffs being rolled back, U.S. equities hit all-time highs. The major equity indexes are now less than 1% ...
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As Interest Rates Again Reach Record Lows, Watch Out for the Yield Curve

Lo and behold, after all the talk of interest rate hikes and gradually tightening monetary policy from the Federal Reserve, interest rates on the 10-year bond have touched record lows ...
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The Fed Entering a Potentially Embarrassing Situation That Could Signal Bond Market Double Top

With June rate hike expectations now mostly evaporated thanks to a perceived dismal May jobs report, it looks like the Federal Reserve is going to hold off on what was ...
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ETF Folly: Just When You Thought Bond Yields Would Skyrocket

Bond yields have risen over the past month or two, and many investors expected those yields to keep rising. That was before Monday. The latest European debacle in Cyprus wanting to steal ...
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