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Should Nervous Investors Be Looking to High-Yield ETFs Now?

Even after a more than 10-year bull market and with stock markets still not too far off all-time highs, there is plenty for investors to worry about: increased volatility, disappointing ...
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Are High-Yield ETFs Worth a Look for Nervous Investors?

Even after a nine-year bull market and with stock markets not too far off all-time highs, there is plenty for investors to worry about: increased volatility, rising interests rates, the ...
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15 Reasons That US Recession Risks Have Almost Vanished for 2016

This year has by and large been a rather nerve-racking one all around. The presidential election has taken an unprecedented and zany path, the stock market went from steady in 2015 ...
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9 Stocks to Avoid in December and Beyond

December has historically been a good month for the stock market, but there are plenty of individual stocks that don’t look like attractive bets as we near the end of ...
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What If High-Yield and Junk Bonds Do Not Collapse?

One of the victims of the recent market trends has been the junk bond, or high-yield, market. Financial media and market pundits have warned that things got too rosy in the ...
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Yellen Sees Social Media, Biotech, Junk Bonds and Leveraged Loans Overvalued

Fed Chair Janet Yellen offered a bit of a surprise in her semiannual Monetary Policy Report in front of Congress on Tuesday. It may seem like a bit like Alan ...
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Junk Bond Spreads Have Tightened Handily Again

24/7 Wall St. has not been covering the junk bond market as much of late because spreads were in a narrow range for quite some time. That was then. The ...
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How Low Can Junk Bond Spreads Go?

24/7 Wall St. tracks the spreads that corporations have to pay above Treasury rates to fund their cost of borrowing. This is one key barometer for measuring the market's risk ...
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Junk Bond Spreads Continue to Tighten, Another Yield Bubble Starting to Form

If the spread of junk bonds keeps contracting as investors clamor for yield in an environment where yields are so low, they are going to be priced where investment-grade bonds ...
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Option Trading Shows Caution in Junk Bond Values (JNK, HYG, HYV, DHF)

It is no secret that we have grown cautious in the area of high-yield corporate debt, also known more commonly as junk bonds. Our concerns are not the underlying credit ...
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The Junk Bond Bubble May Have Peaked (JNK, HYG, VYM, PHK, HYV)

Dividend and income oriented investors need to be on the lookout as of now as the formation of a bubble among the high dividend and high-yield stocks and funds appears to ...
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Junk Bond Dividend Chase May Have Peaked With Big Fund Premiums (JNK, HYG, HYD, HYV, DHF, PHK, HIX)

We have been talking about dividend bubbles forming for about two weeks as of now.  Can the bubbles continue to inflate?  Sure.  But you better take a look at the ...
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Junk Bond Spreads Getting Tighter and Tighter To Treasuries (JNK, HYG, HYV)

Junk bonds, or those high-yield bonds which are under BBB- at S&P or under Baa3 at Moody's, have seen one massive rally since the lows of the summer.  Some may wonder ...
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ETF Inflows Show Key Sentiment Change: Risk & Income Tops Safe-Havens (SPY, GLD, SHY, JNK, HYG, IWM, VWO, DIA)

IndexUniverse.com has now released its July 2012 ETF Fund Flows data and the report is showing some key changes for the month on different asset classes.  The total ETF fund ...
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Dividend Risks Inflating

Investors cannot make any money in the bond market right now merely by buying and holding Treasury bonds forever. The problem is that Treasury yields are at record lows. In ...
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