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One area of the financial markets that has grown like wildfire in the past two decades is the rise of exchange-traded funds. Merrill Lynch expects the market for ETFs and related products to rise to...
When it comes to exchange-traded funds, some investors may hope that they can avoid the sometimes painful "know exactly what you own" rule of investing. Unfortunately, not all ETFs are created equal.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recorded more than 679,000 complaints against nearly 3,000 U.S. banks and financial institutions since July 2011.
While the Federal Reserve most likely will not taper its bond-buying program known as quantitative easing this fall, and perhaps not this year, the fact that interest rates are going higher at some...
Earnings season hits the ground running later today when Alcoa Inc. reports second quarter earnings. We have already posted a preview of other top earnings coming this week.  Now we’re...