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A JPMorgan analyst has upgraded shares of the New York Times and lifted the price target, citing increased demand for "reliable" news outlets.
A growing body of evidence suggests that newspaper revenue dropped as much as 10% in the first quarter, an intractable problem that continues to vex publishers.
There is no question the health of the newspaper industry has gotten much worse over the past 20 years as online news has crippled what has been, until recently, a print business.
Newsprint prices may cripple already challenged newspaper company bottom lines. As more papers fold or are forced to cut editorial staff, the industry cannot handle another major financial headwind.
New tariffs levied against newsprint imported from Canada to the U.S. will cost already struggling newspapers millions of dollars. Survival is not guaranteed.
The Denver Post, Digital First Media and BH Media have all announced layoffs, as revenue and margins in the industry continue to fall.
CVS Health will give its workers raises, Facebook is trying out a new negative comment project, MoviePass is growing quickly, and other important headlines.
The FCC has killed net neutrality, Disney has become the king of all media, holiday spending has been unusually strong, and more important headlines.
In an announcement on its website today, The New York Times said it had 3.5 million paid subscribers and 130 million monthly readers. The stock fell more than 5%.
In the past five trading days, many of America's largest publicly traded newspaper companies have been under siege on Wall Street.
Can Gannett can reach its revenue guidance for 2017, which is between around $3.2 billion? If it can match or beat those numbers, its stock is likely to rally strongly.
Just 22 papers that are most important, financially, to the public company newspaper industry. It is a small foundation for such a large industry.
Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway owns several papers, including his hometown paper, made a particularly pessimistic comment about the newspaper industry.
New York Times digital properties moved ahead of the Washington Post's in January, according to recent research. The edge was small, however.
The paid print circulation of America's 100 largest newspapers has dropped by over a quarter at many papers in as little as three years.