Cramer on Canadian Oil Trust Takeover Names (BTE, CNE, PGH, PVX, PWE, AAV, GDI)

On tonight’s MAD MONEY on CNBC, Jim Cramer addressed a couple of issues that may take the DJIA to his year-end target.  General Motors (NYSE:GM) to $45.00 by year-end since they got the healthcare issue behind with the unions.  Citigroup (NYSE:C) and other financials will go higher if Warren Buffett or other key players take a large stake in Bear Stearns (NYSE:BSC).

Cramer noted that it is time to look for oil stocks that pulled back, and he noted Gardner Denver Inc. (NYSE:GDI) that makes nuts and bolts, and compressor and vacuum systems.  It is not entirely levered to oil, but he thinks that at 11-times next year’s earnings it is too low and could trade at 13-times to 14-times next year’s earnings.  It even has large international exposure that can be helped by a weak dollar.

Cramer also said that oil down under $80.00 per barrel is a gift, and he is looking at another undervalued play to peers.  But he is looking at the Canadian Energy Trusts again since the oil fields underneath the trusts could be acquired.  Here are his picks, and the premium being paid for Prime West is major:

  • Baytex (BTE)…has the least downside and 47% upside
  • Canetic (CNE)
  • Pengrowth (PGH)
  • Provident Energy Trust (PVX)
  • Penn West Energy Trust (PWE) is less of a target and may be a buyer
  • Advantage (AAV)

Our subscribers have read some issues in the past regarding this, andwithout going too far into any potential mergers in Canadian Oil Trustsit is mandatory to know that the geography in these and the fact thatoil has to remain Very High for these to be viable.

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Jon C. Ogg
September 26, 2007

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