Corporate Insiders Sell Billions in Top Stocks as Market Recovers

Boston Beer Co. Inc. (NYSE: SAM) has made a massive recovery as seltzer and craft beer sales have been strong. A director of the company sold 4,105 shares at $842.76 on August 5 for a total of about $3.45 million.

Charter Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: CHTR) has seen large insider selling as its shares approached the $600 mark. Its stock has more than tripled in four years. John Bickham (president) sold 231,993 shares from options worth more than $133.9 million on July 31. Jonathon Hargis (vice president) exercised options and then sold some 6,375 shares, for gross proceeds of $8.02 million, on August 4.

Church & Dwight Co. Inc. (NYSE: CHD) just hit a new high and is more than a $23 billion company. The consumer products company saw seven insiders and officers sell shares from August 3 to August 4, coming to more than 455,000 shares at share prices of $92.86 to $95.58. This came to more than $42 million in total.

Cognex Corp. (NASDAQ: CGNX) has seen its shares rise before and after earnings, with total gains of about 75% just since the March low. Sheila Dipalma (senior vice president) sold 43,500 shares at $66.56 for proceeds of about $2.895 million on August 3. Dianne Parrotte (director) sold 8,000 shares for $536,250 from August 3 through August 4. CEO Robert Willett sold 100,000 shares for more than $6.59 million on July 31, and he sold another 100,000 shares for $6.6 million on August 3.

Comcast Corp. (NASDAQ: CMCSA) has been mostly range-bound since the start of 2017, and the company recently announced layoffs. Jeff Shell, CEO of NBCUniversal, sold just under 99,500 shares at $42.91 apiece for a total of more than $4.2 million on August 3.

Cincinnati Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: CINF) is still down handily from its pre-pandemic highs. Vice President Teresa Cracas sold 100,000 shares at $82.79 for a value of $8.27 million on July 29. With shares at $9.50, they have a 52-week range is $46.07 to $118.19.

Centene Corp. (NYSE: CNC) has seen two insider sales. Orlando Ayala, a director, sold 9,878 shares for more than $645,000 on July 30, but on the same date, Vice President Kenneth Burdick sold 35,000 shares for more than $2.3 million and Robert Ditmore, a director, sold 33,333 shares for more than $2.17 million.

Corning Inc. (NYSE: GLW) has seen a slew of selling after earnings, and its stock managed to hit a 52-week high of $31.92 on Wednesday. Multiple insiders (Curran, Kinlin, CEO Weeks and Vice Chair McRae) sold more than 186,000 shares combined from July 29 to July 31 for proceeds of more than $5.7 million combined.

Datadog Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG) has seen its shares scream higher as a cloud winner. CFO David Obstler sold 35,000 shares at $89.66 each for a total of more than $3.1 million on July 29. A director, Michael Callahan, sold a larger block of 145,000 shares at $89.39 for a sum of more than $12.9 million on July 29. CEO Olivier Pomel sold 344,200 shares at $94.93 on August 3 for a much larger sum of $32.67 million, and President Alexis Le-Quoc sold 384,200 shares on August 3 for a total of $36.47 million.

Digital Realty Trust Inc. (NYSE: DLR) is frequently considered the landlord of the cloud, with massive buildings and space targeting data centers. Vice President Joshua Mills sold 2,500 shares at $155.00 for a total of $387,500 on July 29. CEO Bill Stein sold a much larger block of 25,000 shares at $156.52 on July 29 for a total of $3.91 million.

Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX) has fully recovered from its old data breach. On July 29, four officers and insiders sold more than 29,000 shares with a collective value of close to $4.7 million.

Exact Sciences Corp. (NASDAQ: EXAS) has been well known for its Cologuard testing system, but the company backed its way into COVID-19 testing. CEO Kevin Conroy sold 25,198 shares at $93.80 for a sum of $2.36 million on August 3, and James Doyle (director) sold another 2,539 shares at $94.00 for a sum of $238,666 on July 31. Four more insiders sold another almost 100,000 shares, taking the grand sum considerably higher.

Fair Isaac Corp. (NYSE: FICO) has seen its shares surge to new highs in 2020, with the stock more than doubling from its bottom in March. It even announced a new stock buyback plan. CEO William Lansing sold 24,298 shares from an options exercise with a sale price of $442.46 per share. That came to $10.75 million in total proceeds.