Discover the Most Popular Cars in Texas

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The Ford F-Series pickup continues to be the best selling vehicle in the United States, a title its held going back to 1977.

Since the F-Series was introduced just after the end of WWII, it has sold well over 40 million trucks, making it the second most popular motor vehicle in the world, only behind global sales of the Toyota Corolla sedan, which started production in 1966 (Toyota also has the No. 1 slot for largest car companies in the world by sales volume.)

However the landscape of car companies is changing, with Tesla(Nasdaq: TSLA) now being the most valuable car company in the world by a wide margin and potentially becoming the next trillion dollar company, joining Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet and Nvidia. Even though EV vehicles only make up 15% of the total automative sales market, its triple digit growth rate over the past few years shows how much of a force the EV market will play through the coming decades.

Outside of the EV’s Chevrolet Silverado and Ram have been squaring off with Ford with new upgrades that allow both to compete head-to-head with Ford on power, comfort and price. Both are closing the gap, but Ford still holds a 20%+ sales lead over Chevy and Ford.

The F-Series sold 653,000 units in 2022, but more U.S. states favored the Silverado compared to Ford according to Edmunds.

The data collected for 2022 includes retail registrations to individuals and excluded rental sales and registrations from government bodies. Which is fair when discussing the most popular vehicle in a state, but not the top selling vehicle by state.

Looking just at Texas, let’s see the 5 most popular vehicles in the Lone Star State:

Top 5 Most Popular Vehicles in Texas

Source: shaunl / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

1. Ford F-Series

The F-Series again reigns supreme in Texas as the top selling and most popular vehicle in the state. Texas joins 13 others states (ID, MT, SD, UT, CO, KS, LA, MS, TN, GA, ME, VT, MI)  who put the truck in the No. 1 spot.

Source: shaunl / iStock Unreleased via Getty Images

2. Chevrolet Silverado

The second most popular vehicle in America also lands in the second spot in Texas. However more states than any other vehicle had the Chevrolet Silverado as the most popular vehicle in the state (AZ, NM, OK, NE, IA, MN, ND, WI, MO, IN, OH, AL, SC, WV, KY)

Source: Onnes / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

3. Ram 1500/2500/3500

The Ram was only favored at the most poplar vehicle in 3 states (WY, NV, AK) despite being the 3rd highest sold vehicle in the United States with 468,000 units sold.

Source: jetcityimage / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

4. GMC Sierra

The Sierra was the fifth highest selling vehicle in the United States in 2022, with 211,000 units sold but did only made the No.1 spot Arkansas.

Source: jetcityimage / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

5. Toyota RAV4

Rounding out the list is the Toyota RAV4 who did not make the No.1 most popular vehicle for any U.S. states but was the 4th highest selling vehicle last year with 400,000 units sold.

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