Short Sellers Up the Ante on Social Media Stocks

Chris Lange

Social media has taken the world by storm, building virtual communities for anyone who has internet access and allowing people to connect and share across the globe. Many of these sites have changed the world in terms of how we meet people, read the news, get jobs and even date. These companies are on the cutting edge of social trends and are a good beacon to look toward for change.

It’s abundantly clear that these platforms are incredibly influential for both the positive and the negative. We’ve seen the power that “fake news” can have on the public via its dissemination on some of these platforms. Also there are many who believe that these platforms are addicting and are responsible for a downturn in society. On the other hand, these platforms connect friends and family, and allow for the sharing of ideas and open discussion.

While there might be a lot of philosophical debate over these companies, it doesn’t seem like these social media giants will be going anywhere soon.

The March 15 short interest data have been compared with the previous report. Short interest in most of these selected social media stocks increased for this settlement date.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) had its short interest increase to 26.89 million shares from the previous 26.11 million. Shares were last seen trading at $160.06, within a 52-week range of $138.81 to $195.32.

The number of Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) shares short increased to 30.03 million from the previous level of 28.64 million. Shares closed most recently at $31.91, in a 52-week trading range of $14.12 to $36.80.

Match Group Inc. (NASDAQ: MTCH) saw its short interest rise to 28.45 million from the previous 27.74 million. Shares were trading at $46.46, in a 52-week range of $15.42 to $46.95.

Weibo Corp.’s (NASDAQ: WB) short interest came in at 4.64 million, compared to the 5.00 million in the prior period. Shares were changing hands at $128.78, within a 52-week trading range of $47.52 to $142.12.

Short interest in Yelp Inc. (NYSE: YELP) increased only slightly to 7.65 million shares. The previous reading was 7.64 million. Shares traded at $42.12, in a 52-week range of $26.93 to $48.40.

Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) saw its short interest increase to 86.96 million, compared to the previous level of 85.03 million. Shares were trading at $16.25, in a 52-week range of $11.28 to $23.57.