Energy Economy

Cities with the Most Expensive Gas

9. Boise, Idaho
>  Gas price: $3.86
>  Month ago: $3.80
>  Year ago: $3.68
>  State gasoline taxes: 25.0 cents per gallon

Idaho has no oil refineries and gasoline supplies arrive primarily by pipeline from Salt Lake City, Utah. That pushes the state’s average price to among the top nine in the country. Idaho’s state and local gasoline taxes rank 26th in the country. Boise, like much of the Rocky Mountain region, benefitted last year from gasoline refined from lower-cost crude oil that came from Canada and North Dakota. That price differential has been cut nearly in half (from about $43 a barrel late last year to around $23 in late May compared with WTI) as rail transport has enabled crude producers to get the crude to both the East and West Coasts.

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8. New Haven, Conn.
> Current gas price: $3.87
> Month ago: $3.99
> Year ago: $3.96
> State gasoline taxes: 49.3 cents per gallon

Of the nine cities on this list, three are located in Connecticut. On a statewide basis, gasoline is more expensive in Connecticut than in every state except Hawaii and Alaska, and the state also ranks third in total cost of living. Gasoline taxes are fourth-highest among the 50 states and, as elsewhere in the Northeast, prices are partially driven by the cost of more expensive Brent crude. Connecticut does not have any refineries, so all the state’s gasoline is imported, primarily by surface transportation.

7. Waterbury, Conn.
> Current gas price: $3.88
> Month ago: $3.97
> Year ago: $3.97
> State gasoline taxes: 49.3 per gallon

Another Connecticut city, Waterbury, makes the list. The price differences among the cities we’ve listed so far are small, just two cents a gallon separate the three. In Waterbury, the prices in Waterbury, however, vary considerably. In some parts of the city, prices are as high as $4.12 — and in others as low as $3.72. Waterbury is located roughly 20 miles north of New Haven.’s Laskoski also noted another contributor to Waterbury’s high prices is likely the higher cost of living in Connecticut.

6. New York, N.Y.
> Current gas price: $3.88
> Month ago: $3.99
> Year ago: $4.04
> State gasoline taxes: 49.8 cents per gallon

The cost of living in New York City is higher than anywhere else in the country. Statewide, gasoline taxes are the third-highest in the country. New York City itself does not charge a local gas tax, but various other local taxes raise the cost of doing business in the city and may be passed along to consumers in gas prices. New York is also a densely populated, congested city, and this may increase the costs of transporting gas, resulting in higher prices. Like Connecticut, the state has no refineries, but depends on those in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the Gulf Coast via the Colonial Pipeline system, Canada, and Europe.