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12 States That Kill the Most Animals

6. Georgia
> Total live weight slaughtered (lbs.):
7.30 billion
> Pct. of national production: 5.5%
>Most slaughtered animal (lbs): Chicken
> Animal slaughtering employment: 34,140 (2nd highest)

Georgia killed 1.2 billion animals in 2013, the largest number compared with all other states. Chickens accounted for the vast majority of the animals slaughtered in the state. Chicken slaughtering in Georgia also made up more than 14% of all chicken meat production nationwide, the largest such share compared with other states. Georgia is home to Atlanta-based Gold Kist, which produces millions of chickens for the United States and other countries around the world each week. After merging with Texas-based Pilgrim’s Pride in 2006, Gold Kist became the largest poultry company in the world. In addition to the intensive factory farming in Georgia, state residents hunted and killed nearly 140,000 bucks in 2013, the fourth highest such figure nationwide.

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5. Kansas
> Total live weight slaughtered (lbs.):
8.30 billion
> Pct. of national production: 6.3%
>Most slaughtered animal (lbs): Cattle
> Animal slaughtering employment: 18,320 (9th highest)

Cattle accounted for nearly all meat production in Kansas. More than 6.3 million cows were slaughtered in Kansas in 2013, a higher kill count than in all states except for Nebraska. The live weight of animals slaughtered in Kansas totalled 8.3 billion, which was nearly 20% of all cattle production across the nation. According to the Kansas Livestock Association, the cattle industry generated $7.75 billion in cash receipts, about half of all Kansas agricultural dollars collected in 2013. The food manufacturing industry also employed more than 31,000 Kansas workers, a higher nominal figure than in most states.

4. Iowa
> Total live weight slaughtered (lbs.):
8.8 billion
> Pct. of national production: 6.7%
>Most slaughtered animal (lbs): Hog
> Animal slaughtering employment: 27,870 (5th highest)

Iowa is the uncontested king of the nation’s hog industry. In 2013, Iowa slaughtered roughly 8.8 billion pounds of live meat, 6.7% of the nation’s total. More than 90% of that was hogs. Of the 112 million hogs slaughtered nationwide in 2013, Iowa slaughtered just under 30 million, or more than 25% of the total. The state with the next highest hog slaughter count for the period, North Carolina, slaughtered less than 40% of that number. Roughly 1.8% of the workers in Iowa were employed in animal slaughter and processing, the third highest share of any state in the nation. Iowa is one of the two largest corn producing states in the nation. Corn is frequently as feed for livestock, including hogs.