11 Jobs Paying Americans Over $100,000

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11. Human Resources Managers
> Employment:
> Median salary: $102,780
> Employment change 2012-2022: 13.2%

Human resources managers help organizations find, motivate, and retain talented employees to help their businesses remain competitive. A typical HR manager earns $102,780 a year, the 11th highest median income of all popular occupations reviewed. Depending on their industry, such managers can earn even more. Those employed in professional and business services earn more than $112,000, while those working in the healthcare industry earn roughly $86,000. As the economy continues to recover from the recession and businesses expand and hire, employment of human resources managers is likely to increase. The BLS forecasts that employment of this occupation will grow by 13.2% by 2022, higher than the estimated 10.8% growth of all occupations.

10. Software Developers, Systems Software
> Employment:
> Median salary: $102,880
> Employment change 2012-2022: 20.4%

Responsible for designing, developing, and testing operating systems, software developers in systems software earn a median income of $102,880 annually. As the epicenter of the technology boom, California is home to many of the nation’s software developers. Consequently, 21.5% of all workers employed in this occupation work in the state.

9. Sales Managers
> Employment:
> Median salary: $110,660
> Employment change 2012-2022: 8.3%

The typical sales manager earns more than $110,000 a year. Such managers are important for driving revenue and profits at an organization. Day-to-day, these managers are responsible for training sales teams, preparing budgets, and analyzing sales data. The majority of sales managers have a bachelor’s degree and one to five years of experience as a sales representative. Even as companies move aspects of their business overseas and many worry about the effect such a move will have on U.S. employment, sales managers need not worry. The BLS estimates employment in this occupation will grow 8% by 2022.

8. Lawyers
> Employment:
> Median salary: $114,970
> Employment change 2012-2022: 9.8%

A typical lawyer earns roughly $115,000 annually, the eighth highest income among jobs reviewed. There are about 600,000 lawyers in the country, up 14% since 2005. Jobs in this area are expected to grow an additional 10% by 2022, according to BLS forecasts, in-line with the growth rate of all occupations over that time. Law firms employ the vast majority of lawyers. However, in the face of more frequent lawsuits, patent applications, and other legal tasks, many companies are expanding their in-house legal department to minimize costs. This will likely increase the demand for specialized attorneys in financial services or healthcare-related industries, for example.