Special Report

40 Most Popular Emmy-Nominated Shows

Detailed Findings

While our ranking of the most popular Emmy-nominated shows is not based on the actual ratings these shows have on IMDb, it’s perhaps unsurprising that many of the most popular programs have exceptionally high marks. All but eight of the shows have user-generated scores of 8/10 or more. Two of the programs – “Game of Thrones” and “Rick and Morty” – have numbers greater than 9/10.

Many of the most popular shows nominated for Emmy Awards this year are relatively new series. More than a quarter of the shows on our list have no nominations before this year, with a further seven shows having fewer than seven prior nominations each.

Other shows are prime-time staples with rich Emmy histories. The comedies “Will & Grace” and “The Simpsons,” both 2018 nominees, have each been on television for years, have won 48 Emmy Awards combined and continue to be hugely popular with viewers. “Saturday Night Live” has been on-air for more than four decades and continues to be recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for its perceived excellence.


To identify the 40 most popular Emmy-nominated shows, 24/7 Wall St. developed an index based on the number of IMDb ratings and Wikipedia page views for TV shows nominated for at least one Emmy Award. Overall ratings for TV series were used for episodes nominated separately. Total Wikipedia page views cover the year leading up to and including Aug. 1.

A nonprofit organization, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the Television Academy) runs the Emmy Awards, an annual event. This year, 224 programs received at least one nomination. Past Emmy wins and nominations were obtained from the Emmy website.