Special Report

Towns and Cities With the Longest Names

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD

15. Peapack and Gladstone
> State: New Jersey
> Population: 2,588

Peapack and Gladstone is one of the longest names for a city or town, and arguably one of the strangest. Located in Somerset County, New Jersey, Peapack and Gladstone is a rather affluent area, with a handful of prominent figures owning real estate there including the King of Morocco.

Source: Courtesy of the Village of Port Washington north

14. Port Washington North
> State: New York
> Population: 3,225

Port Washington North is a village located in Nassau County in Long Island, New York. The village is known for being a cheaper alternative to living in New York City while still offering a short commute into Manhattan.

Source: diversey / Flickr

13. Norwood Young America
> State: Minnesota
> Population: 3,655

Norwood and Young America, formerly two separate communities in Carver County, Minnesota, merged into one city in 1994. Today, Norwood Young America is one of the longest city names in the nation.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Ken Lund

12. South Chicago Heights
> State: Illinois
> Population: 4,143

South Chicago Heights in Cook County, Illinois, is located just over 25 miles south of Chicago, the state’s largest city.

Source: philmofresh / Flickr

11. Morgan’s Point Resort
> State: Texas
> Population: 4,229

Morgan’s Point Resort houses just over 4,200 people and is located in Bell County, Texas. It gets its name from the Morgan family, which used to own the land on which the town was built. The city’s name was originally going to be just “Morgan’s Point” but that was already taken by another city, so “resort” was added on the end.