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100 American Towns Founded Before the American Revolution

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1. St. Augustine, Florida
> Founded: 1565
> Population: 13,867

The oldest city in America was founded 11 days after Spanish explorer Pedro Menéndez de Avilés landed in what is now Florida on the feast day of St. Augustine.

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2. Jamestown, Virginia
> Founded: 1607
> Population: 10,333

This is where the first permanent English colony in North America was established. It was named for King James.

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3. Santa Fe, New Mexico
> Founded: 1610
> Population: 82,927

Santa Fe was founded by Spanish conquistadors, including Don Pedro de Peralta. Santa Fe is the oldest European settlement west of the Mississippi River.

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4. Hampton, Virginia
> Founded: 1610
> Population: 136,789

Founded by English settlers, Hampton is located at mouth of James River.

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5. Albany, New York
> Founded: 1614
> Population: 98,425

Dutch fur traders established the first European settlement in New York.

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6. Plymouth, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1620
> Population: 58,216

Plymouth is where the Pilgrims landed after crossing the Atlantic to escape religious persecution in England. The first Thanksgiving celebration took place here.

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7. New York, New York
> Founded: 1624
> Population: 8,461,961

Settled by the Dutch in 1624, the English took over in 1664 and named the town New York.

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8. Salem, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1626
> Population: 42,804

Salem, famous for the witch trials in the late 17th century, was founded by colonial settlers.

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9. Boston, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1630
> Population: 658,279

A group of 1,000 Puritan refugees led by John Winthrop and Thomas Dudley helped found what would become the biggest city in Massachusetts.

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10. Cambridge, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1630
> Population: 108,757

Cambridge was settled by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Originally called New Towne, the name Cambridge was adopted in 1638.