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20 Companies Profiting the Most From War

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2. Boeing
> Country: United States
> Arms sales: $26.9 billion
> Total sales: $93.4 billion
> Profit: $8.2 billion
> Employees: 153,000

Boeing made $26.9 billion in arms sales in 2017, according to SIPRI, the second most of any company worldwide. Defense contracts accounted for 29% of Boeing’s revenue, a far smaller share than most companies among world’s 10 largest military contractors. A bulk of Boeing’s revenue comes from commercial aircraft such as the 737, 747, 767, 777, and 787 families. In 2017, Boeing completed 763 commercial aircraft deliveries — an industry record — and won over 900 orders to grow its order backlog to a total of 5,864 airplanes.

Boeing won in 2017 the first international order, from Japan, of a KC-46 aerial refueling aircraft, whose design is based on the commercial 767 airplane. Other major defense contracts and continuations of previous contracts won by Boeing in 2017 include the manufacturing of 27 P-8 Poseidon aircraft, 36 advanced F-15 fighters, and 268 Apache helicopters.

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1. Lockheed Martin Corp.
> Country: United States
> Arms sales: $44.9 billion
> Total sales: $51.0 billion
> Profit: $2.0 billion
> Employees: 105,000

Lockheed Martin is by far the largest defense contractor in the world. In 2017, the Bethesda, Maryland, company made $44.9 billion in arms and defense contracts, nearly twice the amount of arms sales at Boeing, the second largest defense contractor. The company makes a wide range of military aircraft, including the F-16, F-22, and F-35 fighter jets, as well as sonar technologies, ships, missile defense systems, and missiles used by the Navy. More than $35 billion of Lockheed Martin’s arm sales in 2017 came from the U.S. government, more than the entire budget of the Internal Revenue Service and Environmental Protection Agency combined.

Net sales are expected to have climbed even higher in fiscal 2018. In late 2018, the company was awarded a $22.7 billion contract for 106 F-35 fighter jets for the U.S. military and another 89 for ally nations.