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Richest Person in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Koch Industries

Kansas: Charles Koch
> Est. net worth: $51.9 billion
> Resides: Wichita

Kansas’ Charles Koch, one of the two Koch brothers, made his fortune building and running Koch Industries, which operates in everything from paper products to chemical manufacturing to oil pipelines. The Koch brothers are known for their participation in the American political system and for their financial support of conservative candidates.

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Source: Courtesy of NTRA

Kentucky: B. Wayne Hughes
> Est. net worth: $2.8 billion
> Resides: Lexington

B. Wayne Hughes founded Public Storage in 1972, and is today he is the wealthiest person in Kentucky with an estimated net worth of $2.8 billion. Public Storage now has more than 2,500 locations throughout the United States and is the largest self-storage brand in the country. Hughes purchased Spendthrift Farm in Lexington in 2004. The farm has raised nine Kentucky Derby champions. Hughes is also one of the top conservative political donors in the state.

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Louisiana: Gayle Benson
> Est. net worth: $2.9 billion
> Resides: New Orleans

Gayle Benson became the wealthiest person in Louisiana following the death of her husband, Tom Benson, in 2018. A legal battle with Tom’s children and grandchildren, who claimed he was mentally unfit when he gave her control of his assets, was eventually settled. Gayle Benson now owns both of New Orleans’ pro sports teams, the Pelicans and the Saints.

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Maine: Susan Alfond
> Est. net worth: $1.6 billion
> Resides: Scarborough

Susan Alfond is the heiress to the Alfond family fortune. Alfond’s father founded the Dexter Shoe Company, which he sold to Warren Buffett for $433 million in Berkshire Hathaway stock in 1993. While the deal turned sour for Buffett when the company was besieged by cheap imports and foreign competition, the Alfonds have since made billions in appreciating Berkshire Hathaway stock. Susan Alfond shares the family fortune with her three brothers and co-inheritors, Ted, Peter, and Bill.

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Source: Win McNamee / Getty Images

Maryland: Ted Lerner & family
> Est. net worth: $5.0 billion
> Resides: Chevy Chase

Maryland’s Ted Lerner has been one of the biggest names in real estate for decades, getting his start in in 1952 selling homes, and eventually moving into large-scale development. The Chevy Chase resident now has a net worth estimated at $5.0 billion. In 2006, Lerner won the bid to acquire the MLB’s Washington Nationals.

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