Special Report

The Most Threatened Animals in Every State

Source: David. L. Cuthrell & Dr. M.C. Barnhart / USFWS

41. South Dakota
> Most threatened animal(s): Poweshiek Skipperling (oarisma poweshiek), Scaleshell Mussel (leptodea leptodon)

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Source: Tim Merritt / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service & J.R. Shute - Conservation Fisheries, INC. Knoxville, TN / Wikimedia Commons

42. Tennessee
> Most threatened animal(s): Nashville Crayfish (orconectes shoupi), Laurel Dace (chrosomus saylori)

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Source: Lavendowski, George / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

43. Texas
> Most threatened animal(s): Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken (tympanuchus cupido attwateri), Houston Toad (bufo houstonensis)

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Source: Courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources & Pacific Southwet Region USFWS / WIkimedia Commons

44. Utah
> Most threatened animal(s): June Sucker (chasmistes liorus), Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (empidonax traillii extimus)

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Source: vonOettingen Susi / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Wikimedia Commons

45. Vermont
> Most threatened animal(s): Dwarf Wedgemussel (alasmidonta heterodon), Indiana Bat (myotis sodalis)

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