Special Report

The Most Threatened Animals in Every State

Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service & Brian Gratwicke / Wikimedia Commons

46. Virginia
> Most threatened animal(s): Shenandoah Salamander (plethodon shenandoah), Virginia Fringed Mountain Snail (polygyriscus virginianus)

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Source: Courtesy of WAFWO & Holly Fearnbach / NOAA

47. Washington
> Most threatened animal(s): Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit (brachylagus idahoensis), Killer Whale (orcinus orca)

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Source: Zachary Loughman / West Liberty University & USFS / Wikimedia Commons

48. West Virginia
> Most threatened animal(s): Guyandotte River Crayfish (cambarus veteranus), Diamond Darter (crystallaria cincotta)

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Source: USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab / Flickr & Andrew C / Wikimedia Commons

49. Wisconsin
> Most threatened animal(s): Rusty Patched Bumble Bee (bombus affinis), Kirtland’s Warbler (setophaga kirtlandii)

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Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service & Wikimedia Commons

50. Wyoming
> Most threatened animal(s): Kendall Warm Springs Dace (rhinichthys osculus thermalis), Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (coccyzus americanus)

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