Special Report

The Most Threatened Animals in Every State

Source: Walter Rothschild / Wikimedia Commons & Carter Atkinson, USGS / Wikimedia Commons

11. Hawaii
> Most threatened animal(s): Kauai `O`O (moho braccatus), Akikiki (oreomystis bairdi)

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Source: Courtesy of Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation & Bill Mullins / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

12. Idaho
> Most threatened animal(s): Banbury Springs Limpet (idaholanx fresti), Bruneau Hot Springsnail (pyrgulopsis bruneauensis)

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Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service & Illinois Natural History Survey

13. Illinois
> Most threatened animal(s): Illinois Cave Amphipod (gammarus acherondytes), Fanshell (cyprogenia stegaria)

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Source: G. Thomas Watters / Ohio State University

14. Indiana
> Most threatened animal(s): Fat Pocketbook (potamilus capax), Rayed Bean (villosa fabalis)

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Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

15. Iowa
> Most threatened animal(s): Spectaclecase (cumberlandia monodonta), Higgins Eye (lampsilis higginsii)

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