Special Report

50 Ways American Life Has Changed in the Last Decade

As 2020 gets closer, some people begin to look back on the years past and reflect on how much has changed. Just 10 years ago the world was a different place.

Consider this: If it were 2010 right now and you needed a cab, you’d have to call a service or hail one from outside; even though Facebook already existed, it has changed significantly since then, affecting people in many ways – from their daily routine to their moods; vaping was not yet a major topic; and people were still getting their news from traditional outlets such as newspapers and TV.

A lot can happen in a decade. Fads have come and gone; some have become lasting trends. Many of them fall into the weight loss and healthy eating category — here are the 35 biggest fads and trends in food and drink since 2010.

Some changes were so subtle and came around so gradually, you probably haven’t even noticed them. Although 2010 may not feel like such a long time ago, when you consider how much has changed since then, it seems like it was actually way, way in the past.

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