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The Best Company to Work for in Every State

Source: Wikimedia Commons

21. Massachusetts
> Best company to work for: Bain & Company
> Employees: 8,000
> Founded: 1973
> Headquarters: Boston, MA

Consulting firm Bain & Company, headquartered in Boston, ranks as the best company to work for in Massachusetts. The company’s high marks are due in no small part to compensation. The average annual pay at the firm is $111,860, well above the average at competitors like McKinsey, PWC, and Deloitte.

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Source: Diplomat

22. Michigan
> Best company to work for: Diplomat
> Employees: 2,335
> Founded: 1975
> Headquarters: Flint, MI

Diplomat is a specialty pharmacy services provider based in Flint, Michigan, that provides care to patients suffering from chronic and often complicated conditions. The average salary at the company is just over $59,000, above several similar companies in the industry.

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23. Minnesota
> Best company to work for: Allianz Life
> Employees: 2,800
> Founded: 1896
> Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Allianz Life is a life insurance company headquartered in Minneapolis. The company pays an average salary of $87,432, well above competitors like New York Life, AIG, MetLife, and Lincoln National.

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Source: University of Mississippi Medical Center

24. Mississippi
> Best company to work for: University of Mississippi Medical Center
> Employees: 10,000
> Founded: 1955
> Headquarters: Jackson, MS

The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi, ranks as the best place to work in the state. The center includes six hospitals, four of which are on campus at the University. The system also has 20 ambulatory clinics across the state.

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25. Missouri
> Best company to work for: Purina
> Employees: 7,500
> Founded: 1894
> Headquarters: Saint Louis, MO

Pet food company Purina is a subsidiary of Nestle. The company’s status as the best place to work in the state is supported by employee tenure. On average, Purina workers stay with the company for 4.1 years, far longer than the average tenure at competitors like Iams and Sun Products. Last year, the company reported its 15th consecutive year of sales growth.

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