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The City With the Shortest Name in Every State

Source: AliciaEdwards96 / Wikimedia Commons

26. Montana
> Shortest town name: Troy
> Population: 687

Unlike its name relative in Michigan, Troy, Montana is a small community in between the Kootenai River and a scenic mountain range. Fearing the wilderness as well as indigenous tribes, pioneers didn’t settle the land until gold was discovered in the mid-1860s. That was until gold was discovered in the mid 1860s. There are several theories on how the city earned its name, but the most accepted stems from the story of E.L. Preston, who named the town after the son of the family who provided him with a place to live while he laid out the town site.

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Source: Ammodramus / Wikimedia Commons

27. Nebraska
> Shortest town name: Ord
> Population: 2,284

Ord, Nebraska, and the North Loup Valley it resides in played a major role in the westward expansion of early American settlers. Fort Hartsuff, located in Ord, offered pioneers a refuge as they fought with Native Americans during the Plains Indian War. Ord was named after General E.O.C. Ord who established Fort Hartsuff.

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28. Nevada
> Shortest town name: Ely
> Population: 4,063

The city of Ely is best known as the Nevada’s most important copper mining region. To accommodate growth of the copper industry, the Nevada Northern Railway was built in 1906. This well-preserved railroad acts as a tourist hot spot when visitors look for something other than the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas.

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29. New Hampshire
> Shortest town name: Dover
> Population: 31,316

Dover, New Hampshire, was an early lynchpin for the state’s economy, even before the U.S. broke away from England. During the colonial era, Dover’s proximity to the ocean made it a thriving shipbuilding hub for the colonies.

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Source: NHRHS2010 / Wikimedia Commons

30. New Jersey
> Shortest town name: Lodi
> Population: 24,498

Named after an Italian city, Lodi became an incorporated city after merging with the Lodi Township and Saddle River Township in 1894. The presence of a large Italian community in Lodi made it the ideal choice for the hit TV show The Sopranos, which chose several of the town’s restaurants and bars as film locations.

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