Special Report

Companies That Are Helping Americans Fight COVID-19

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22. PepsiCo
> Industry: Food
> Headquarters: Purchase, New York

Food and beverage company PepsiCo put together a $45 million support package to help distribute goods to communities facing especially difficult challenges with the pandemic. The company said the money will be used to provide meals, protective equipment, and other services. The company will also match employee donations to nonprofits aiding in coronavirus relief throughout April, up to $2 million.

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23. Tesla
> Industry: Tech
> Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his company would ship its spare FDA-approved ventilators to hospitals for free. There was some confusion about these devices, however. While hospitals are short on invasive ventilators that help people breathe and push oxygen into the lungs via a tube, Tesla has sent non-invasive ventilators known as BPAP machines. While not ideal for treating COVID-19 patients, these devices could still be useful. The automaker is now developing a prototype ventilator using car parts.

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24. U-Haul
> Industry: Transportation
> Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

As college campuses across the country closed down, many students were left with nowhere to put their belongings. Moving company U-Haul stepped in to help, offering students displaced by the coronavirus a month of free storage at company-owned storage facilities.

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25. Uber
> Industry: Ride sharing
> Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

As ride sharing has been all but phased out by physical distancing limitations, Uber is finding ways for its drivers to help during the pandemic. The company said it will provide 10 million free rides and food deliveries to “health care workers, seniors and people in need” across the world. It will also use its Uber Eats delivery service to provide 300,000 free meals to first responders and health care workers. The company has also waived delivery fees for independent restaurants to help keep those businesses afloat.

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26. Wells Fargo
> Industry: Banking
> Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Wells Fargo was in need of a public relations boost after its role in the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 and its fake account scandal from 2016. It is possible that the desire to improve its image was a factor in choosing to offer one of the more expansive COVID-19 relief packages among banks — pausing all evictions and auto repossessions and offering some fee waivers and deferred payments to customers on an individual basis. The bank’s foundation will also donate $175 million to help public health, housing, and food efforts.