Foreclosure rates remained at multi-decade lows in May according to the latest report from housing industry researchers at CoreLogic.
CoreLogic on Tuesday reported that U.S. home prices rose by 3.4% year over year in June.
Delinquent home mortgage loans have fallen to 20-year lows and foreclosures have dipped back below pre-crisis levels.
CoreLogic has just released its Home Price Index and Forecast for May 2019, and it shows that home prices rose both year over year and month over month.
The percentage of U.S. mortgages fell to 4.3% in March, a 13-year low for the month. The inventory of homes in foreclosure is now at levels not seen in at least 20 years.
Home prices in April rose 3.6% year over year, according to the latest report from CoreLogic. Home prices have regained 60% of the value they lost since the housing market bottomed out in 2011.
The mortgage loan delinquency rate fell by nearly a full percentage point year over year in February. Mortgage loan rates have also dipped sharply over the past week, and CoreLogic executives see a...
U.S. home prices rose again in March, but at a slower pace than in February or January. Since the March 2011 trough, CoreLogic's home price index has increased by 59%.
Mortgage application fraud continues to trend higher according to the latest quarterly report from CoreLogic.
Home prices continued to rise slowly in February. Lower mortgage interest rates are expected to help boost home buying as the spring season kicks off.
U.S. home prices rose more than 4% in January according to CoreLogic's latest Home Price Insights monthly report.
Mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures continue on a downward trend thanks to fewer high-risk loans and higher levels of home equity.
Mortgage delinquencies fell to their lowest levels for at least the past 18 Octobers, according to data reported Tuesday by CoreLogic. States hit hard by hurricanes, fires and volcanoes are still...
The CoreLogic home price index rose 5.1% year over year in November, once again posting a smaller annual gain than in the previous month. Higher interest rates and falling prices are combining to...
The total number of delinquent mortgages fell to a 12-year low in September according to CoreLogic. But the effects of natural disasters in Hawaii and North Carolina have been to affect the data.