Coronavirus in Vermont

COVID-19 vaccination rates vary widely from state to state. This is the state with the highest vaccination rate.
There have been no COVID-19 deaths in Vermont over the past seven days, and hospitalization rates are low in several counties there.
Vermont has had low case and death counts since the start of the pandemic. It had no fatal cases yesterday.
The degree to which COVID-19 pandemic has affected the country varies considerably from state to state and county to county.
One state has far fewer confirmed COVID-19 cases than any other by far. Vermont's fatal case count is extremely low as well.
One state is clearly the safest right now, based on confirmed COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people. It is also the state with the lowest number of total cases.
It is possible that Vermont will remain among the states with low COVID-19 case counts, particularly if it keeps its borders essentially shuttered.
The presence of confirmed and fatal COVID-19 cases can be extremely different from state to state. One state is clearly the safest right now.
Most states have ignored the advice about social distancing and mask wearing and have not taken the same strict measures Vermont has.
Global confirmed cases of COVID-19 have reached 38.9 million, and fatalities from the disease have reached nearly 1.1 million.
Global confirmed cases of COVID-19 have reached 37.8 million, while the number of fatal cases is approaching 1.1 million.
America has posted more than 7.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 so far, the highest figure in the world. The number of cases in Vermont is a little over 1,800. Why is that?
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