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Disney CEO Bob Iger was left standing after the proxy war with Nelson Peltz, to the detriment of the entertainment giant.
After struggling for a year and a half, Disney stock has begun to recover. Are investors starting to view Bob Iger’s tenure differently?
The House of Mouse has recently settled a proxy battle between current CEO Bob Iger and activist shareholder Nelson Peltz, who was seeking a seat on Disney’s board and who objected to a number of...
The market rally that has driven all of the major indices has been a massive boon for investors, and the question that is beginning to surface is where and when the parabolic move higher comes to an...
Why has Disney CEO Bob Iger greatly reduced his share count over the past year? Could he be getting ready to retire from the entertainment giant again?
As the company stumbled through a horrible year financially, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger made $31.6 million in 2023.
Three activist investors are working to remove Disney CEO Bob Iger and put a new turnaround plan in place for the entertainment giant.
Disney stock jumped by around 6% shortly after Thursday's opening bell. Cost-cutting and new subscribers were important, but there's more.
Selling ESPN would not save Disney from poor management. Who would want it? Buying Hulu would not help either.